3DAstronomer Review!

With its point-and-go-to interface, 3DAstronomer makes it easy to voyage into space,

to get as close a look as possible planet surfaces, to move quickly beyond the moon,

and to keep documentation of your journey.

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With 3DAstronomer, you can do even more than travel through the universe in real-time or at hyper-speed! All movement in 3DAstronomer is seamless; the exponential zoom feature lets you explore space across a huge range of scales, from galaxy clusters to spacecraft only a few meters across.

3DAstronomer allows you to bring your camera with you, so you can capture images and even videos of your space travels. The file menu allows you to capture the displayed images and videos for future viewing. Space is huge and you may only visit some places once, so why not keep a record?

How easy is it to manipulate time? Very easy! In the left upper corner of the screen, there is information about the selected object. Located in the lower left hand corner is the speed of your travel. If the line is at zero, you are moving in real-time and nothing will appear to be changing. Remember, the rotation of the earth and revolution around the sun cannot be sensed as we are standing on the earth: the same is true in this real-time simulation program.

Simply adjust the speed of your travel and learn the unbelievable size and magnitude of our universe firsthand! Learn how long it would take a shuttle to get to the far expanses of the galaxy. The program even allows you to chronicle each journey you make from the surface of the earth to any object in space.

All movement in 3DAstronomer is seamless. A point-and-go-to interface makes it simple to navigate through the universe to the object you want to visit. The accessibility of the program makes exploring and learning about space fun, and never a chore. Remember, the expandable nature of the program makes it perfect for all ages. A 6-year-old can enjoy the basic program and 3DAstronomer will grow with him, so that in a few years, he can learn new applications and information hasn’t even touched upon yet. 3DAstronomer emulates space; just when you think you’ve reached the end, it goes on and on.

I have personally tested and reviewed 3DAstronomer and found it to be easy to use, has great educational information and will keep you entertained for months. With 000's of locations to visit 3DAstronomer is ideal for Anyone Interested in Astronomy, The Cosmos, Stars, or Outer Space.

Emily Keen - A New Space Explorer Addict!

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