3DAstronomer Review!

Who exactly was 3DAstronomer made for? The answer is, simply, everyone. The program

holds limitless possibilities. Children can quickly decipher the straightforward interface and

can easily manipulate the basic program.

Amateur astronomers and hobbyists will stand amazed as they continue to learn what the

program is capable of.

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But 3DAstronomer is not only for the amateur astronomers, but professionals and educators, as well. 3dAstronomer is a superb tool for educational purposes and enthusiastic astronomers as it contains additional data available in overlays and labels, such as planet names and constellations. The highly configurable display features let you add or remove detail at will. Moving around through the solar system and beyond to other galaxies can be achieved using a combination of keyboard shortcuts, or with a click of the mouse. 3DAstronomer is a 3D space simulator as well as a 3D astronomical database. Astronomers and astrophysicists will marvel at the quick retrieval of information via 3DAstronomer.

3DAstronomer can provide both purely recreational voyages and serious voyages into the outer space. It is the most versatile space simulation program ever created.

I have personally tested and reviewed 3DAstronomer and found it to be easy to use, has great educational information and will keep you entertained for months. With 000's of locations to visit 3DAstronomer is ideal for Anyone Interested in Astronomy, The Cosmos, Stars, or Outer Space.

Emily Keen - A New Space Explorer Addict!

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