3DAstronomer Review!

3DAstronomer is an incredibly accurate real-time 3D visualization tool optimized for

astronomical applications. All data for the program was gathered by the European

Space Agency, including telemetry, imagery, and positional data for planets, asteroids,

and stars.

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The program contains the Hipparcos database of stars with accurately measured

distances. The European Agency gathered data during a four-year satellite mission,

including precise solar system astrometric and photometric measurements. Thanks to this database, astronomers have been able to more accurately plottthe stars in the sky, and these exact measurements are represented on the 3DAstronomer program.

Stars not measured for the Hipparcos database include dim or variable stars, including close doubles.

3DAstronomer allows you to journey to the closest stars, including Alpha Centauri and Proxima Centauri. Make sure you visit the brightest star in the sky, Sirius, a mere 51 trillion miles from earth!

I have personally tested and reviewed 3DAstronomer and found it to be easy to use, has great educational information and will keep you entertained for months. With 000's of locations to visit 3DAstronomer is ideal for Anyone Interested in Astronomy, The Cosmos, Stars, or Outer Space.

Emily Keen - A New Space Explorer Addict!

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